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The Vampire Diaries – The Final Season

“This life will be good and beautiful but not without heartbreak, in death comes peace, but pain is the cost of living, like love, its how we know we’re alive” – Elena

So let’s talk TVD! The first hour the whole cast discussed each season and how the show changed there lives. The audience was able to go back to season 1 and see how each character developed. TVD started of as a book and then turned into an amazing show – a true gem!

Is this the end? The TVD season finale had me going through so many emotions. I know it might be silly but when I love a show I’m truly invested. I was a mess when Buffy, Ugly Betty and Merlin ended. Sad times. The TVD finale left me happy, sad, excited and shocked. So the last episode – we finally get to see Elena “Nina Dobrev” come back to life! Well not exactly – she’s Katherine for most of the episode. I loved the whole season because the creators brought everyone back for the final goodbye. Vicki, Tyler, Kai, Grams, Abby Bennett, Tyler, Jo, Jenna, Jeremy, Lexi and even Caroline’s Mom. *Tears* The finale goes through each character figuring out what they want while saving Mystic Falls from “Hell Fire.” The key word “redemption” – Damon and Stefan seem to always go through past hurt and regret. I want them to find peace – all the characters to find some inkling of hope. So with all the craziness – Bonnie was a bad ass and saved Mystic Falls, Stefan gave his life for Damons *which I still can’t believe* Elena finally wakes up, and the final 6 characters go on to finally live in peace.

TVD had a great 8 seasons, a show to run that long is a blessing. The casting was perfect and the writing was exceptional. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson really did an amazing job. It’s sad to say goodbye to characters you have seen for 8 years. I hope you all enjoyed the finale!

TVD Forever ❤️ – AC

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